About Loon Designs

Our Philosophy at Loon Designs

We want dogs to be happy.

We want people to be happy.

The Latin translation for "Happy" is "Bandanis".

(Just kidding, but we do think that a fresh and fun bandana helps!)

Why buy our bandanas?

  • We care, and we want to do right by our puppies and people.

  • We put confidence, joy and love into our bandanas.

  • We are giving back. We want loons to be taken care of, too, so we are donating a percentage of our sales to protect loon habitat.

  • We prewash our 100% cotton fabrics to prevent shrinkage and color "bleeding". (This takes extra time, but we think it matters!)

  • We double reinforce the opening where the collar is inserted. (Again, worth the extra time.)

  • We think we have a great product that will last and hold strong for puppy playtime. (They're not perfect, because they are handmade, but perfection is overrated, anyway!)

  • ....aaaand, you get a sticker and your doggy gets a little treat with every delivery! šŸ¦“